Latest Government Tenders From Burkinafaso

BurkinafasoTenders provides latest updates on tenders from Burkinafaso. The information is collected from various sources like: Purchaser's websites, News papers and other Burkinafaso Government Tenders sites.Subscriber can view and download unlimited number of public tenders, published by various agencies of Burkinafaso Government.

Servicing, Repair and Maintenance of Movable Property

BFT Ref No.:  84123774

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

Office Supplies (Participant Kits for Continuing Education)

BFT Ref No.:  84123738

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

Binding of Documents

BFT Ref No.:  84122901

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

Supply of Gowns and Toques for Students

BFT Ref No.:  84122900

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023


BFT Ref No.:  84122883

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

Upkeep and Maintenance of Photocopiers

BFT Ref No.:  84122765

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

Environmental Study

BFT Ref No.:  84122763

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

Software Servicing, Repair and Maintenance

BFT Ref No.:  84122762

Deadline:  16 Jun 2023

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